We’re Counting Down to Money20/20.

It’s almost Money20/20 time, which means swarms of fintech, software and payments junkies are descending on Las Vegas in search of the next big thing they can brag about to all their friends. Basically, a holiday on steroids for a certain type of person. Retail banking industry partners don’t have New York Fashion Week or the International Auto Show — we have Money20/20. 

It’s the largest global event focused on payments and financial services, with over 10,000 attendees, including more than 1,000 CEOs from 3,000 companies around the world. And while there’s sure to be lots of chatter on the show floor about digital payments and the demise of cash, there’s yet another number attendees should consider: $5 trillion. There’s an estimated $5 trillion in currency circulating the globe.

So how can we connect these thousands of attendees and all of their consumers with all of this currency?

We’ll be introducing new ways of connecting the physical and digital worlds of currency during the conference. And we’re excited to share them with the world, at booth #1831.

And since we’re talking numbers, remember the following: 1831 and 3.

1831: Diebold’s booth number at Money20/20.

3:  How many technologies that will be displayed; two new concepts and one new solution.

Each were heavily influenced by our past successes, industry insights, consumer experience considerations and today’s technology trends. The goal: to push the boundaries of the industry with concepts and solutions as inspiring as they are innovative.

So what are we unveiling exactly? All will be revealed at Money20/20. But here are a few hints: one involves a two-headed Roman God; another has close ties to the tale of Sleepy Hollow; and the other takes authentication to a whole new level.

Take a sneak peek at what we will be featuring at Money20/20.

Additionally, Andy Mattes, president and CEO of Diebold, will participate in a panel titled, “Omnichannel Banking & the Changing Role of the Physical Store.” Andy will share his thoughts, insights and opinions on what drives an omnichannel consumer experience and technology’s role in this process. The panel is scheduled for Wednesday, October, 28th from 9:50am to 10:40 am PST.

Our Innovation Team, comprised of self-titled hackers, hustlers and designers, will be on the show floor ready to talk all about the future of banking. Stop by the booth to experience new technology, discuss the future of the industry and uncover the latest collaborative innovations.

You can find us at booth #1831.