The Year of Retail Transformation

While the curtain has closed on this year’s NRF BIG Show, the work for retailers and their partners is just beginning. After three days on the show floor listening to countless retailers share their challenges, their strategies, their goals and their visions of the future—one common theme emerged: 2017 is the year of retail transformation. Retailers we talked with are moving beyond planning and are ready to implement and execute change.

And while the term “transformation” itself can often seem unobtainable or overly complex, here are three tenets that can help guide retailers on their journey:

  • The store is the heart of a retailer’s business—and it needs reinvigorated to seamlessly connect the digital and physical shopping experience
  • Technology and data analytics are key to driving change and facilitating consumer engagement
  • A service-oriented software platform that offers end-to-end management from consumer touchpoints to the back-office is a “must”

The question for retailers is no longer when, but how. At NRF we featured new concepts and solutions designed to connect consumer touchpoints and back-office management in meaningful, transformational ways. Check out these video highlights from the show floor.

Connected Commerce Showcase Thomas Fell, senior vice president of retail, highlights the new concepts and solutions debuted at the NRF BIG Show.

New, Compact Self-Checkout Solution See how this self-checkout solution enables consumers to scan and bag their items and pay using a mobile app, credit or debit card.

Extreme Self-Checkout The Extreme Self-Checkout Concept paired with our software solution enables retailers to connect the entire shopping experience for consumers beginning at home in the planning phase.

In-Store Mobile Integration We collaborated with IceMobile to create an enhanced in-store experience that integrates a mobile app with the POS terminal.

Our solutions are designed to meet your needs, in ways that are scalable, tailored to your organization and incremental. We offer something unique to the market: a comprehensive, retail portfolio, a multi-lingual software suite and thousands of service experts around the globe who manage stores throughout their lifecycle. You won’t find any other competitor in the market that offers such a complete solution. Would you like to find out more about how our collaborative approach could benefit your long-term strategic goals? Let’s start a conversation.