The Omnichannel Equation: Mobile + Your ATM Network

What would drive the ATM customer experience to the next level of convenience and potentially give financial institutions (FIs) innovative value and utility from their mobile app? Two words: cardless transactions.

As consumers, we want easy access to cash without barriers or extra steps to complete a transaction with improved security. For FIs, one way to get there is by taking the card out of the transaction completely and empowering people’s mobile devices to “pre-stage” ATM transactions.

In this scenario, consumers can open up their bank’s mobile app, set a withdrawal amount and receive a one-time PIN to use at the terminal. No card necessary.

With the introduction of DN Mobile, that kind of seamless cardless withdrawal is now a reality – and it offers game-changing benefits to FIs, by cutting through traditional ATM certification and authentication complexities. Our mobile software connects users directly to the FI’s core system for authentication, rather than requiring that this step take place at the terminal.

Going cardless, then, means fewer clicks at the ATM. Not only is this faster and more efficient for customers, it provides greater security. For both FIs and their customers, cardless technology with this omnichannel mobile software platform means increased security, convenience—and opportunity.

Increase the Value of an Existing Investment

Easier, actionable cardless ATM transactions are a win for FIs that have struggled with how to deliver this technology without completely overhauling or replacing ATMs. With DN Mobile, no physical change is required. Rather than equipping an ATM with the power to authenticate (tap, biometrics, etc.), banks are empowered with software to directly authenticate mobile ATM transactions. So, when a customer uses their mobile app to withdrawal cash, authentication is verified directly through the FI’s core system.

The customer’s phone is talking directly to the bank.

We’re cutting out the middleman in the authentication process and changing the traditional approach, in which every time a customer inserts their card into an ATM (in an “on-us” scenario), the ticker (and fees) starts as the switch verifies the customer and authorizes the transaction. (And don’t forget, in “off-us” ATM transactions, that verification goes through a couple of extra steps.)

We’re constantly seeking ways to enable enhanced consumer experiences, security and mobility in today’s dynamic financial ecosystem. The ability to pull cash from an ATM securely without using a card is just one way we’re driving connected commerce for our clients around the globe.

Want to take your customers’ transactions to the next level of convenience and efficiency? Let’s start a conversation today.