The Goldilocks Theory

Goldilocks Theory

Find the right size, and the right FIT, for your branch network.

The Goldilocks Theory is referenced in fields as diverse as economics and astronomy. It illustrates a broad, yet basic principle: Too much or too little of anything is rarely the ideal.

We apply the theory to branch transformation in a variety of ways. Financial institutions may do too little or too much when it comes to their transformation and automation strategies. They may add or remove employees without the proper forethought. Or they may hurry to close, reorganize or open branches – leading to networks that are too vast, or so small they’re nowhere to be found.

In this branch transformation infographic, we’re taking a look at the latter, to explore what’s really going on with the changing size and structure of branch networks. Our team of Advisory Services Experts aims to help clients individually determine what makes the most sense for their consumers, and their unique challenges – we collaborate with them to find the right FIT for their needs. We call it Fully Integrated and Transformative (FIT)banking, and it’s a tool we use to ensure we’re helping financial institutions make the right long-term decisions for their networks. How does your network stack up?