The Future Is Clear: Our 2020 View

As we have for the past several years, Diebold Nixdorf will be showcasing our view of the future at Money 20/20 next week. The past year has been a remarkable period of change in the industries we serve — from experimental retail shopping formats, to new ecommerce delivery models like e-commerce lockers, to next generation biometric security. We are seeing innovation and disruption across the entire commerce value chain.

We are lucky enough to work side by side with the most forward-leaning clients in the world navigating this sea of change. From this vantage point we are able to see early trends develop and patterns emerge from the challenges and opportunities created.

One area we and many of our clients are rethinking is the broader picture around the consumer. From the moment your feet hit the ground in the morning to the moment your head hits the pillow at night, you are living in commerce. It surrounds us both physically and digitally in a constant exchange of information, offers, ideas, products, services and transactions. Thinking about this from a consumer-centric point of view has crystalized our view of connected commerce. A single provider can only do so much to address the complexity surrounding the consumer’s daily journey, but an ecosystem of providers partnering to deliver a more compelling and seamless experience by working in concert can achieve a transformational outcome — this is the interconnected future we see starting to develop.

The good news is that many of the enabling technologies are already falling into place: advanced security via biometrics (facial recognition), API transaction engines to orchestrate multi-party processes, insight-driven personalization and engagement analytics, mobile applications that sync in real-time with physical channels and more.

We are excited to showcase our latest innovations live at Money20/20 again this year. You will see solutions that will enable and future proof your business for the years of change of ahead, allowing you to be agile in your business model and differentiated in your digital and physical consumer experience, all with our uncompromising attention to always-on operational excellence and ground-up security.

Stop by and discover how you can offer your consumers:

  • A more seamless physical to digital experience across a broad range of connection points including ATM, POS, kiosk, retail e-commerce lockers and much more.
  • Data-driven insights that take personalization to the next level and turn transactions into connections.
  • The always-on uptime capabilities needed to stay ahead of the competition and never lose an opportunity to engage with consumers.
  • Security that enhances the user experience.

Our technologies extend beyond omnichannel to allow both financial institutions and retailers to play larger roles in the commerce ecosystem while putting the consumer at the heart of experience. Across digital, mobile, branch, store, ATM and POS we are delivering the next generation of channel solutions and we have a lot to show you.

Meet us at Money 20/20 2017 in Las Vegas, Oct. 22-25, at booth #1343. Find out more and schedule your booth appointment today.