The Four Imperatives to Winning in the Age of the Customer

The Four Imperatives to Winning in the Age of the Customer

We live in a time where consumers aren’t just always right, they’re always empowered. Make no mistake about it, consumers are calling the shots. We now live in a world where they can order a burrito from a mobile device, choose the topping and the delivery time – while simultaneously purchasing an item online to be delivered next day or within the hour by drone.

Whether it’s the date they want a product or the channel in which they want it, consumers can have it their way – at any time, from anywhere.

When consumers have the world at their fingertips, on their screens and even on their wrists, financial institutions – and the entire retail universe – must consider rerouting the way they do business.

To win over consumers, there are four imperatives that Forrester Research principal analyst, Alyson Clarke, believes businesses should focus on:

  • Harvesting big data and analytic insights
  • Creating customer experience excellence
  • Being a digital business
  • Embracing the mobile mind shift

Watch as Alyson Clarke explains these imperatives in her own words.

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