Ten of Your Most Challenging ATM Pain Points — Solved

Ten of Your Most Challenging ATM Pain Points — Solved

The ATM channel is a critical touchpoint between financial institutions (FIs) and consumers. On average, people visit an ATM more than seven times per month. So how do you ensure that every interaction is a positive one?

We wanted to give our customers a solution to that problem. When we set out to build our new series of terminals, we stepped out of the lab and met with FIs, branch tellers, CIT personnel and end consumers around the world to understand their biggest pain points around self-service technology.

It wasn’t enough to iterate on current models and push something “new” into a crowded marketplace. We wanted to be sure we were innovating in a meaningful way, offering new modules, architecture and approaches that drove us to rebuild the ATM from the ground up – and resulted in a series of terminals that are some of the most robust, secure and future-proofed ATMs in the world. What’s your ATM pain point? Find out how a new Diebold terminal can solve it:

Pain Point #1: Skimming

Solution: ActivEdge

This breakthrough in ATM security counteracts all known skimming methods by altering the way an ATM card is inserted and read. Consumers insert their card long-edge first, making it impossible to capture the card’s information with today’s skimming technology. It’s the world’s first card reader to utilize an encrypted moving read head, which eliminates a fundamental weakness that all of today’s skimming devices attack.

Pain Point #2: Cost Optimization

Solution: Three tiers of terminals

Through our research, we confirmed that in emerging markets (such as Africa and India), where FIs are trying to expand their geographic reach, the need is greatest for cost optimization from an acquisition standpoint. So we started with fundamental components as a baseline (security, reliability, ruggedness) and built a tiered approach to terminal options: Categorized into our Standard, High Performance and Extended Branch lines, the Diebold Series features a full suite of terminals that provide solutions for both emerging and mature markets.

The Standard terminals are ideal for high-growth areas with mass market applications, including reduced maintenance and operating costs, high reliability and reduced energy consumption.

In more mature markets like Europe and North America, FIs are seeking high functionality, advanced transaction migration and enhanced consumer experiences. The High Performance line offers consumers a highly personalized self-service experience, with rich transaction sets that free tellers for relationship-building opportunities.

The Extended Branch solution integrates easily with core banking systems, optimizes flexibility and cross-selling opportunities, and supports branch transformation efforts. These solutions provide unbeatable value over the life-cycle of the terminal.

Pain Point #3: Power Management

Solution: ActivPower

This new power delivery system yields a 40-60% reduction in idle-power consumption, plus a “weekend mode” for increased savings. Surprisingly, ATMs can spend up to 80% of the time in idle mode – so this power efficiency can offer a significant ROI across an ATM network. In fact, an ATM running the ActivPower module actually consumes less energy than a 60-watt light bulb. And, it can be configured to provide uninterrupted service during brownouts, power outages, surges and spikes with power from an optional 200-watt-hour battery backup system. Additionally, the fascia control hub built into the ActivPower architecture is an industry-first design that enables technicians to work on modules individually, without shutting down and rebooting the entire terminal – a process that can take a terminal out of commission for up to 45 minutes.

Pain Point #4: User Experience

Solution: Intuitive Design & a Secondary Screen

The Diebold Series terminals offer better usability with consumer module placement in close proximity to one another, making the user experience more intuitive. In fact, we extensively tested our new drive-up terminals in the field to design a solution that’s more ergonomic and accessible for a wider range of vehicles. On the high-performance terminals, we also moved the cash dispenser above the PIN pad to improve security, address fraud and reduce instances of consumers leaving their cash behind.

ActivView is the first secondary display for ATMs outside the branch environment, meeting ADA and global accessibility regulations and providing additional marketing space for FIs to connect with their consumers. We designed it to be more private, ergonomic and intuitive, with an interactive interface that’s similar to smartphones and tablets. ActivView pairs with a larger primary screen, a modern, sophisticated 19” XSGA display. Pairing two interactive screens on one terminal enables FIs to offer far more advanced transaction capabilities to consumers, such as two-way video with an interactive teller.

Pain Point #5: Cash Management

Solution: ActivCash

The cash capacity in our ActivCash module is 25% higher than current advanced-function dispensers, with four cassettes that can store up to 15,000 fit notes and accept a 75-note stack size, 50% more than some other cash dispensers. It also transports notes at an industry-high eight notes per second.

Pain Point #6: Information Security

Solution: Flat fascia and new camera strategy

Skimming, fishing and trapping at the ATM are global problems. To address these attack vectors we designed a fascia that’s quite unlike others in the industry, which are typically contoured. This fascia is flat, which makes it harder to attach a skimmer or embed a camera for capturing PIN entry.

Additionally, we believe a single camera just doesn’t provide all the information FIs need. We embedded a range of cameras that add functionality and enhance security. There’s a camera for two-way video services, and one that focuses on the consumer’s face, with a broader view that enables FIs to see the cash in hand. We also added a camera aimed directly at the cash dispense module, so FIs can ensure that cash was dispensed properly.

Pain Point #7: Downtime

Solution: ActivCore

The Diebold Series introduces an industry-first design with an all-in-one processor and display that offers faster transaction speeds in a compact footprint. We also utilized a robust, solid-state drive that improves impact resistance, and designed ActivCore to withstand extreme temperatures. A streamlined design eliminates mechanical parts for more reliable operation, and flexible architecture enables multiple configurations and upgrade paths – all of which leads to terminals with higher overall reliability.

Pain Point #8: Cassette Management

Solution: Intelligent Vertical Cassettes

Because we reimagined the ATM so completely, our engineers were able to revolutionize the traditional cassette, flipping its orientation to vertical without compromising on accessibility. In fact, the new cassettes are much easier to maneuver and service: service or bank personnel can access them without getting down on the ground, and the cassettes can be pulled out with one hand instead of two. That change actually improves safety conditions, as staff can still keep an eye on their surroundings.

Pain Point #9: Future-Proofing

Solution: Mobile Accessibility & Data Analytics

Driven by adoption of smartphones and tablets, consumers are gravitating toward self-service channels, particularly Generation Y and Millennials. Our new terminals address the emerging mobile-driven environment with an optional second screen and NFC-enablement for mobile cash access. They also set the stage for the emerging “Big Data” analytics movement, with software that can store comprehensive information about the terminal. That data, when aggregated and examined across an entire network, can yield insights that can drive targeted marketing, more robust consumer preferences, cash management, ATM health scores, failure predictions and much more.

Pain Point #10: Deposit Automation

Solution: ActivMedia  & ActivRecycle

We’ve simplified cash and check deposit with ActivMedia, a single-throat acceptor that allows consumers to feed mixed media into the terminal in any orientation. The ActivMedia module handles 75 notes and checks in seconds, with dual-stage authentication for the utmost in security. For high volume cash locations, ActivRecycle, which supports up to five cassettes (four recycling and one accept-only) minimizes cash management costs. ActivRecycle features a 13,000+ note storage capacity, and can recycle up to eight denominations.

Have a pain point that’s not on the list?

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