Status Update: You’ve Got a Scheduled Payment

It can be tough for people to keep track of monthly bills when each one is automatically withdrawn from their bank account. Credit cards, mortgage, school loans, car loans—payday money goes in, bills scheduled to be paid go out. So, when your customers visit an ATM, what cash is really available to them?

What if your organization could act as a trusted advisor during those micro-moments? What if, when a customer was about to withdraw money they’ll need in their account in a couple days, you were able to step in and say, “Wait! If you withdraw $200 today, you won’t have enough money in your account for that credit card payment Friday.”

That level of personalized service through the ATM channel is now a possibility. Our DN Mobile solution makes the connections that enable your ATMs to have the intel they need to keep customers informed and alerted about future activity, not just past transactions and current funds. It’s like having a knowledgeable bank representative on-site, so they know where they stand with their accounts.

In today’s world, businesses that succeed are focused on the consumer—their wants and needs—and, in fact, knowing what they want and need before they do. Our fast-paced society is hungry for status updates, and we prefer organizations that engage with us on our terms—on mobile, on demand. Give us information! Give us the power to access service conveniently! Financial institutions (FIs) must embrace these consumer behaviors and align technology to meet the growing demand for personalized service.

This is exactly what DN Mobile does for customers. It’s a software solution that provides information by retrieving upcoming schedule account activity (such as payments and transfers). It offers insight by warning consumers if upcoming transactions will result in an overdrawn account. And, it gives your customers options (we all love options). They can continue the transaction or request a smaller withdrawal amount.

When DN Mobile integrates with the Personal Finance Manager (PFM) services that FIs offer consumers, customers can manage their finances from their mobile when and where they want. The PFM on mobile connects to the ATM, so customers gain time-sensitive information via alerts. This avoids frustration and saves time.

People are looking for more than a bank that dispenses cash. They want to feel like their FI knows them, gets their demands, and understands their financial life. DN Mobile gives your organization a tool to take the customer service you provide inside the branch out to the ATM terminal.

Deliver a higher level of customer experience. We’ll show you how. Let’s start a conversation today.