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Software at Our Core | Diebold Nixdorf Blog

The world is moving faster than ever. It’s an incredibly exciting time to be a part of a global, world-leading software team, because we’ve unmistakably entered the digital era. And with that entrance, comes myriad of challenges and opportunities for financial institutions and retailers alike. Our customers want to better serve their consumers while improving bottom line results. The question that we often hear is “How?”

My response? Through a software-defined approach to banking and retail. Software is the heart of achieving true connected commerce.

It’s easy to say – but it can be more challenging to illustrate. That’s why our Customer Experience Centers (CECs) play such a crucial role in our collaborations with customers. And for me, there’s none more important than our software-focused CEC in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Located half an hour south of Amsterdam, our Utrecht software hub is the epicenter of Diebold Nixdorf software research, development, partner collaboration, customer support and sales. It’s a place where customers can come and experiment, demo new products and concepts firsthand, and get answers to their software questions.

This fall, we held our first software summit as a combined organization at the Utrecht CEC. As a global team, we reinforced our software-defined approach to banking and retail, and renewed our commitment to more challenging projects and conceptual innovations. Because at the end of the day, all roads lead back to driving deeper collaborations with our customers, to enable more effective, seamless, intuitive connected commerce around the globe. I’ve never been more inspired seeing our teams fueled with passion to continue our leadership role in the market.

Why Utrecht? The Netherlands is one of the world’s leading countries engaged in technology and innovation and it’s considered the most connected country in the world. Nearly 60% of Forbes top 2000 IT companies have offices in The Netherlands and over 70% of all Dutch innovation is IT related.

I encourage you to plan a visit to our Utrecht Global Customer Experience Center to learn more about our software portfolio and how we can work together to help transform and grow your business.

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