Pivotal Questions to Ask Yourself about ATM Software Strategy

Pivotal Questions to Ask Yourself about Your ATM Software Strategy

I’ve spent half of the 21st century with my nose to the grindstone working on ATM software at all levels of the software stack. I’ve traveled the globe to understand the regional variances, toured many tradeshows inside those cement aquariums we call conference centers, and have read countless numbers of articles all for the sake of staying on top of the trends in the industry. One of the things that’s most surprising is how little has really changed for a piece of equipment we have all come to rely on.

Sure, ATM software upgrades no longer involve replacing a microchip on a circuit board. And yes, the largest ATM manufacturers have moved from OS/2 to a nearly universal adoption of Microsoft and the various technologies in that ecosystem. We absolutely expect consumer marketing at every ATM. Throw in some compliance changes (EMV anyone?) as well as some improvement in modules and transactions, and you’ve pretty much described the entire history of ATMs.

So here we are in 2016, and I still see financial institutions primarily operating in the same “Thick” or “Fat” client ecosystem they’ve come to expect thanks to all the goodies provided by today’s modern operating systems and software languages. Whether your ATM fleet is multi- or single-vendor, you likely face unending complexities when you roll out new software updates or patches, compliance changes or design upgrades thanks to this paradigm.

The new kid on the block is “Thin” client software, touted as the cloud solution to FIs’ “Thick” client woes. Ironically, it’s quite similar to the ATMs of 20 years ago. I’m sure everyone is aware of the technology pendulum and the financial industry is certainly not immune to it.  But behind the jazz hands and confetti, “Thin” client software as we implement it today actually requires a great deal of (pricey) bandwidth and is subject to limited offline capabilities.

We designed VISTA™ “Fit” Client software as a customer-driven solution. Take a look at what it does, then ask yourself five questions about your ATM software strategy.

  1. Did I choose my ATM fleet software primarily because it’s what came with the hardware we chose?
  1. Do I have the control I need to make changes when and how I need to?
  1. Am I operating a multi-vendor fleet now, or is there a possibility that our organization might in the future?
  1. What kind of user experience are we offering our consumers?
  1. Is our ATM fleet prepared for whatever the future holds?

Your software stack could be better. It could be more intuitive, easier to operate and adjust, and it could actually drive efficiencies for your network and your team. It doesn’t have to be thick, or thin – you pick where you want your software to fall on the spectrum.

Let’s talk about how our VISTA Fit Client software could radically change your ATM operations.