Our Top Five Blogs of the Year

As 2017 winds to a close, we’re taking a look back at a few of our most popular blog posts of the year. From the industry’s most trend-worthy terms (we’re looking at you, bitcoin) to security, mobile enablement and skimming, here are the topics our readers pushed to the top of the 2017 “most read” list.

Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: A Crash Course
Our resident fintech expert and CMO, Devon Watson, broke down the complexities of some of the biggest terms of 2017 in this informative blog that outlined key principles and definitions of bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is in the news more than ever lately, so this topic will likely only continue to heat up in 2018.

Not Just Ploutus: Protection against ATM Malware Attacks
Security is always a hot topic in our industry, and understandably so. A breach in the system leads to one that is arguably even worse: a breach in consumer trust. Your consumers’ data is truly your most important asset. That’s why our experts work 24/7, 365 days a year around the globe to stay one step ahead of fraud, in all its forms. This post examined the new form of Ploutus malware that was attacking ATMs, and discussed how FIs can thwart jackpotting and malware.

Retailers: How Well Are You Using the Most Powerful Tool in Your Arsenal?
If there’s an industry that’s in as much turmoil as banking, it’s retail. Throughout 2017, our retail experts talked about many aspects of the retail evolution that’s occurring, but in a year that was all about converging mobile with other channels, this one particularly resonated with readers.

Meet Autobolt: A Robotic System That Automates ATM Tests Remotely
Time to market is key – which means complex ATM implementations often take place in very short cycles, noted our VP of Global Software Engineering, Jayal Lakhani in this post that detailed our custom ATM-testing machine, Autobolt. Banks require high-quality testing of any new hardware or software, regardless of time constraints, and Autobolt enables us to perform extremely reliable testing 24/7. Scroll down to the end of the blog to watch a video demo that shows how Autobolt works!

ATM Security: Skimming vs. Shimming
It would be difficult (and concerning) to find someone in the financial industry who isn’t aware of skimming threats. It’s a consistently hot topic, and one that we dove into in this post, as we explored the emerging threat of shimming. Shimming taps directly into an EMV chip – so you can imagine why this post proved popular throughout 2017, as many organizations were driving their EMV shift.

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