Our Top Blog Posts of 2016

Our Top Blog Posts of 2016 | Diebold Nixdorf Blog

The digital era has officially arrived, and we’ve begun to take part in some very different conversations with many of you about what the future holds. These days the topic is just as likely to land on contactless payments, beacons, bots and Big Data as it is on deposit automation, cash management or how to meet ever-evolving consumer expectations.

It was also, of course, one of the most momentous years in our own company history, and 2017 is poised to be our most exciting year ever. We have more solutions, across more regions and more industries, connecting more people around the globe with their money in new and innovative ways. It’s a fascinating time to collaborate in the financial and retail markets.

Our top blogs of 2016 reflected that broad-based interest in what’s new, different, emerging and innovative, with topics ranging from predictive analytics to omnichannel implementation and branch transformation. See what resonated with our readers this year.

#5: A Branch Transformation Case Study

This article from one of our advisory services consultants addressed the challenges of community banks, and explored how his team worked with a customer to drive holistic, tangible changes across the bank’s 21-branch network. Check out the post and infographic.

#4: News about Our Integration

In August, news of Diebold’s integration with Wincor Nixdorf was made official. Our combination cements us as global leaders driving connected commerce for retailers and financial institutions, and gives us the opportunity to help our customers even more comprehensively. Outlets around the world covered the news: see more about the merging of our two organizations.

#3: Managed Services

Early in the year, we commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a global study polling financial institutions about their self-service fleet management. The study looked at how FIs manage ATM security, compliance and more, and found some surprises when it comes to the perceived vs. actual benefits of outsourcing ATM security. Our VP of Managed Services walked readers through the highlights in this information-packed post.

#2: Omnichannel Enablement & ATM Software

In “More Power to the ATM,” our Director of Software Product Management outlined the fundamentals of migrating transactions to the self-service terminal, based on actual, documented consumer desires for enhanced ATM functionality.

#1: Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning

Data – gathering it, mining it, using it to actually drive positive change – was one of the biggest trends of 2016. Most organizations are still figuring out the best ways to manage all the data they’re sitting on, and that’s where our collaboration with Microsoft started. Using machine learning and predictive analytics, we were able to build a “health score” for ATMs. Find out how this groundbreaking work took shape. 

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