How To Optimize Your Self-Service Network and Automate Processes for the Highest Availability

Every minute a self-service device is down costs you 10 cents—and that fee multiplies lightning fast, adding up to a significant financial burden, not to mention the credibility cost and blow to customer confidence. Uptime is business critical. And, operating a 24/7 device network that is cost-efficient, high-performing and dependable requires a constant eye on every device, every component.

How can you accomplish this?

Imagine a direct connection to every machine via an agent that offers transparency on issues and inventory, enhances security, increases efficiency, and allows you to easily change and update software. That’s Vynamic™ View, an end-to-end software solution that encompasses the entire bank network of devices. It’s a centralized management system—a single point of control that gives you a uniform view of your whole network, providing pre-emptive maintenance, timely detection and fast response to malfunctions or fraud.

A Vynamic View of Your Network

Vynamic View becomes the eyes, ears and brain of your device network. It remotely determines what is and isn’t working in real-time and automatically troubleshoots, updates and analyzes network devices and components. It’s powered by data and analytics and is cloud/SaaS ready. The result? Monitoring customers report more than 99% availability of their network when Vynamic View is in place.

Explore how our Vynamic View “brain” detects issues before they become problems. Download the brochure: