One Year In. Our Answer To Change.

Today, as we recognize the one-year anniversary of Diebold Nixdorf, I want to acknowledge that this milestone is as much about you — our customer — as it is about us.

Socrates — either the Greek philosopher or a gas station attendant — is credited for saying that the secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new. The rate of change in the financial and retail space is happening faster than anyone imagined. We’ve been talking about this kind of dramatic change for a long time. Now, it’s happening – and Diebold Nixdorf is shaping and driving it. About one year ago, we combined to create the new leader for our industry – and our combination makes even more sense now than it did then.  Given the combined strength of our new company, I think it’s safe to say that we are squarely focused on “building the new.”

Consumers count on connecting to the things they need and value, whenever they want. That’s why, with our increased scale and horsepower for innovation, we’ve developed solutions that change the way financial institutions and retailers interact with consumers, to make banking and shopping faster and simpler. To this end, we now are shaping the future of “connected commerce” with new, unmatched capabilities. For example:

As our teams worked on our business combination and discussed the benefits it would bring, we knew that together we would be able to accomplish much more than we could individually. It’s very encouraging that in a recent survey, you said you have a strong bias toward working with Diebold Nixdorf.  In fact, more than 90% of you said that you would maintain or expand your business with us. Thank you for the vote of confidence, as it motivates us to continue to do great things.

Looking ahead, I’m confident our work will continue to improve and support your business goals. Change is the new normal. We all must adapt and focus on “building the new”. In that spirit, we promise to continue innovating so you can evolve with the digital transformations shaping the future. I’m excited to see what the next years will bring for our partnership. Thank you!