Omnichannel Connectivity: How We’re Simplifying the Back-End to Help You Delight Consumers

The simplest things are sometimes the most complex. If you’re a parent, you know what I’m talking about: leaving the house becomes an expedition worthy of National Geographic, and answering children’s innocent (but challenging!) questions can be a difficult proposition.

The internet is another great example. We think of this intangible thing, “the internet,” that magically provides us with information and connectivity at the push of a button – or more likely these days, with the tap of a screen. But behind the scenes, there are millions of feet of physical fiber-optic cables enabling that Yelp review to show up on your mobile phone in a matter of seconds.

This is one of the biggest, most existential problems we face in the financial industry: Retail banking customers want to push a button and conduct their transaction – whatever it is, wherever they are, no matter the time of day or the channel.

They don’t understand why their interactions with a bank are constrained – why can’t they get real-time updates and access to every account they have with their financial institution? Why do transactions look and feel different in different channels – and why are some transactions not available via certain channels? They certainly don’t know – or care – about potential frustrations or challenges you might face due to aging infrastructure, connectivity to the switch or to the core, software compatibility issues or anything else that is keeping you and your channel managers up at night!

Our industry has to figure out ways to work around these omnichannel obstacles if retail banking customers are going to continue to find value in their bank’s brand. I’m very excited about Diebold Nixdorf’s latest move to meet these challenges: an industry-leading partnership with Kony, Inc. 

Together, Diebold Nixdorf and Kony have the tools and experience to do some totally groundbreaking things for retail bankers.

We’re able to combine software components to orchestrate capabilities across the entire range of channels, from ATMs to mobile, online banking, the teller channel, In-Lobby Teller (ILT) terminals, wearables, etc. Diebold Nixdorf has traditionally been an international leader in enabling physical channels, while Kony has been strong in digital channels. Through this strategic partnership, we can use our strengths to seamlessly connect the dots behind the scenes. Our DN Mobile solution is built on a middleware platform and open API system that is specifically designed to make transactions simpler for your organization to enable, conduct and complete. DN Mobile is a white-label solution, but it also offers a workbench tool kit and endless opportunities to experiment and collaborate.

I am a software guy, and for me, that’s the beauty of this partnership: simplicity. We’re building something that is more flexible, more open and more accessible than anything else I’ve seen in the industry. The multi-vendor transaction middleware platform we’ve developed can help you offer omnichannel tools (today!) that may not even have been on your five-year roadmap:

  • Bill payment
  • Account aggregation
  • Cardless ATM transactions
  • Biometric authentication at the ATM using mobile
  • Appointment booking through any channel
  • Alerts that are updated in real time between your ATM and your customers’ mobile devices
  • Smart marketing campaigns that remember how your customer has responded to a particular ad

Together, our organizations have the expertise and scale to offer the open-API, integrated software solutions that modern organizations require. We’re facilitating innovative new types of collaborations between payment providers, merchants, fintech companies and established players in the retail and financial industries – the types of collaborations and connections that will drive connected commerce for all of us. And we’re helping our customers deepen their relationships with consumers, through more personalized, tailored interactions.

This partnership is a big deal for both organizations. We’ve acquired a minority equity stake in Kony, and one of our executives will sit on their board. Mobile enablement and physical-to-digital connections will become more and more central to positive customer experiences – and we intend to lead the industry in fostering solutions that help organizations like yours make those connections.

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