New Whitepaper: Managing ATM Security

Humans have always been innovating, since the first wheel was chiseled out of stone. But our modern digital era enables innovation to proliferate faster than ever. Mobile phones appear, payphones disappear; now even mobile phones are disappearing, as everybody runs to smartphones. Mapping apps appear, actual maps disappear; mapping apps become free. We’re getting accustomed to dealing with the “new,” and letting the “old” fade into the past.

Similar evolution schemes apply to threats against ATMs. Through extensive research, monitoring and analyzing attacks, attack patterns and potential countermeasures, our team has clearly identified an advancement of security challenges in ATM networks on a global scale.

Unfortunately, “old attacks” do not “fade away.” Physical attacks like ramming, bombing and just plain stealing a single terminal … we still see these attacks all over the globe. And please don’t forget, there are still the major problems of skimming, shoulder surfing, internal fraud, etc., and security teams must be on alert against them.

However, we’re also witnessing the growth of well organized, well-funded hacker rings and digital thieves. They create newer, faster and sometimes more efficient ways to break into bank networks or directly into ATMs.

This kind of malicious evolution clearly shows that we have to change our attitude to encountering attacks. Only a holistic approach will enable banks to counteract existing and upcoming threats.

In this new whitepaper from ATM Marketplace, sponsored by Diebold Nixdorf, writer Jill Jaracz illustrates the case for a layered approach to ATM security, and explores both attack methods, and emerging solutions. Find out how you can protect your network holistically, before it’s too late.

Does your team have a multilayered security plan in place? Our security team can help to minimize existing and potential attack surfaces in your security coverage. Talk to us today.