Multi-Vendor Services Made Easy: Industry Education Webinar Series Replay

Recently I had a conversation that centered on financial industry disrupters and the need for transformation in the banking business. That conversation basically boiled down to one simple question: “Can streamlining my Multi-Vendor Service providers really help to prepare myself and my institution for change?”

The short answer is, “Yes, it can.”

Leveraging a single source provider today really can prepare you for industry transformation. Servicing a multi-vendor fleet doesn’t have to be complicated. In a recent customer webinar I broke down a few of the cumbersome obstacles our team can help you address, so your business can work smarter, not harder. Simplification today puts you in a better position to prepare for tomorrow.

And simplification starts with finding a trusted advocate who understands both the financial self-service industry and the software, hardware and security components that keep it running. You need a systems integrator with expertise and access to a self-service fleet’s inner workings – regardless of the location, manufacturer, network switch or software stack.

Our Multi-Vendor Services solution is a full suite of offerings designed to ensure the security, availability and reliability of your delivery channel from a single provider.

I encourage you to download or watch the entire webinar – it’s aimed at helping answer any questions you may have regarding Multi-Vendor Services.

Let’s talk more about your multi-vendor fleet and the solutions we can offer your business. Connect with us virtually.

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