Meet Autobolt: A Robotic System That Automates ATM Tests Remotely

If you subscribe to a technology news journal or a technology weekly, chances are that more than 50% of the time you find yourself thinking about automation in one form or another. Whether it is an article that startles you with the prospects of the Internet of Things or advances in the automotive industry, automation is the underlying thread that makes faster progress possible. And it’s no different for the financial services industry.

With the rapidly changing landscape of the financial industry, time to market is a key element for customer ATM adoption. For our financial institution customers, this generally means testing complex ATM implementations in very short cycles; yet being able to deliver high quality testing of hardware and software. To do so, testers have to check a myriad of transaction and device combinations. As with any repetitive manual task, this too comes with associated inefficiencies. Given the repetitive nature of the job, we recognized its significant automation potential.

Automation in action
At our Diebold Nixdorf labs we developed an elaborate test automation framework called Autobolt. It can remotely control the testing of an ATM setup 24×7. With this new, one-of-a-kind system we are able to schedule automated tests that can be performed unattended on terminals via a private cloud of simulator-enabled virtual machines or robotic-arm enabled ATMs.

The simulators help in scenarios where certain hardware is not available or where hardware faults are difficult to reproduce. The robotic-arm-based testing on the other hand helps test real hardware and multi-vendor nuances.

The robot controller is integrated with Autobolt software using a Component Object Model (COM) component. The automation framework calls the robot’s subroutines with required parameters which drives the robotic arm to do the desired function. The outcome of this action is monitored by the automation framework. The framework also validates the screen flow and various log files to determine whether the software is working as desired. Results of the test are uploaded to the Autobolt website where our testers can view them online.

Take a look at this video to see Autobolt in action.

Here are some key points about Autobolt:

  • It can be used for long running tests or reliability tests.
  • It can be used for functional tests and automated regression runs.
  • It has built-in intelligence to allow execution of existing automation scripts along with validation of screens and log files for various messages.
  • It possesses robust error handling and reporting.
  • It reduces manual tests efforts, enabling manual testers to take on more complex tasks.

Currently located at our development center in Mumbai, India, this automated system has reduced costs and increased the efficiency of testing by a multiple of 10. Our customers benefit too. It means they can bring technology to market faster and deliver reliable, enhanced experiences to consumers. Since its debut in 2015, Autobolt has successfully completed thousands of tests across multiple product lines.

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