It’s Time to Simplify Updates to Your Self-Service Software

It’s Time to Simplify Updates to Your Self-Service Software | Diebold Blog

The consumer technology movement has radically altered our experience with – and our expectations for – keeping our personal devices up-to-date. With the push of a button, a click or a swipe, we can update the programs and applications that have become a part of our everyday lives.

Most of us wouldn’t dream of making a trip to the Apple store just to update iTunes. Yet one-third of financial institutions are still making similar trips – to every ATM in their self-service fleets – each time they need to do something like deploy a new patch or install an application update. These trips are a time-consuming and costly proposition. For a financial institution with just 100 ATMs in its network, a single field update can cost an average of $50,000. With today’s technology capabilities, we can do better.

Diebold’s COMMANDER™ Software Manager  makes the process of updating a self-service network – even a multi-vendor network – more closely resemble the updating of personal devices. COMMANDER enables strategic, secure deployment of software updates to any Microsoft® Windows®-based ATM or kiosk from a central console. And it’s not limited to incremental software updates. Later this year, Diebold will enhance COMMANDER Software Manager by adding a solution for Remote Re-imaging. These capabilities will change the game when it comes to refreshing the full software stack including the Operating System.

It’s time to simplify the management of multi-vendor self-service fleet software. Watch this video introduction to learn more about COMMANDER Software Manager. Then, let’s talk about how COMMANDER could help you realize significant efficiencies in the management of your self-service network.