Irving and Janus: Diebold’s Mobile-Enabled Concepts for Tech-Native Consumers

Irving & Janus Blog

Get a close up look at the innovations reinventing self-service.

It’s time you got to know Diebold’s latest concepts a little better. Irving and Janus debuted at Money20/20 in October. However, unless you attended Money20/20 or have been inside the innovation labs at Citibank or Diebold HQ, you probably haven’t seen these groundbreaking concepts in action.

Today, that changes with the release of three detailed videos spotlighting the tech, functionality and innovation behind Irving, the headless, card-less cash dispenser, and Janus, the dual-sided terminal with a small footprint. These mobile-enabled concepts were designed for tech-native consumers.

Meet Irving.

From ABC’s Good Morning America to International Business Times,  there has been growing interest in Irving because of its use of biometrics, more specifically iris-scanning authentication.

In addition, most of the transaction takes place on the user’s mobile device. This allows users to complete an entire transaction in less than 10 seconds.

Explore the headless, card-less cash dispenser that has redefined what it means to “cash and dash.”

From ideation to demonstration, learn about the functionality and efficiency of Irving:


Walk through the process of a typical transaction when using Irving:


Meet Janus.

Janus, our dual-sided self-service terminal, can be used by two individuals at the same time — putting consumer experience front and center in a secure, private area. Mobile-enabled with NFC and QR code authentication, Janus incorporates tablet-like touchscreens so consumers are comfortable interacting with the terminal.

Janus combines today’s emerging technologies with Diebold’s long history of industry innovations and extensive research into consumer preferences.

Take a glimpse into the future of banking. Watch as Janus creates a better self-service experience while mitigating card fraud:


Speed. Security. Convenience. By incorporating those consumer demands into Irving and Janus, Diebold has created consumer-centric, forward-thinking concepts that make even the most complex transactions easier than ever before.

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