Goodbye Money20/20. Hello RBR Branch Transformation.

As the world’s fintech, software and payments devotees head back to their respective companies reinvigorated by the new technology and energy that filled Money20/20, we’re gearing up for RBR Branch Transformation, an invitation-only event for bank executives responsible for defining the future of their organization’s branch network.

Money20/20 Recap

Diebold brought its new FITbanking™ philosophy to life with the debut of two fully integrated and transformative concepts—Janus and Irving—and one new solution— XPRESSION™ SafeLoad. Everyone from NBC’s Today Show to Fortune MagazineABC News to The Mirror reported on our vision of the consumer banking experience of the future.

Next Stop: RBR Branch Transformation

We’re excited to share our latest in branch transformation strategies and innovations. As we work to transform to a services-led, software-enabled company supported by innovative hardware, there is no better setting to highlight our impressive multivendor software portfolio.

As consumers become more tech-conscious and branch automation continues to gain momentum throughout the industry, our software can become the launching pad to a successful transformation. The select attendees will see firsthand how a consistent, user-friendly interface across a self-service channel and a financial institution’s entire banking ecosystem — regardless of the hardware vendor — can deliver a seamless consumer experience.

Bringing the main focus of the event to the main stage.

Diebold will deliver the keynote, highlighting the shifting realities of retail banking and offering a glimpse of what you can expect to see – or not see – when it comes to the future of banking. Additionally, a Fifth Third Bank representative will share a case study detailing how new branch technology from Diebold is allowing them to engage with clients differently.

Let’s face the realities of branch transformation together.

We encourage smart branch transformation initiatives – which can (and should) mean very different things to different financial institutions. We look forward to connecting with clients and discussing their unique branch transformation goals and objectives.