Going Beyond the ATM: New Functionality at Orrstown Bank

How can a bank generate the same great relationships at the ATM that it does in the branch? Orrstown Bank in Harrisburg, Pa., asked this question as it was looking for ways to enhance the consumer experience, stay ahead of emerging trends and compete with national financial institutions.

Through conversations with the Orrstown team about their needs and priorities, we determined that an advanced-function in-lobby teller terminal (ILT) would give them the powerful functionality they required.

The primary driver of this project was the desire to make the bank’s self-service channel far more than a cash dispenser. The ILT made sense because it’s powered by Vynamic™, our world-leading flexible, open software that enables new levels of personalization during transactions, plus new tools like video and tablet connectivity, as well as back-end efficiencies that helped Orrstown optimize operations and align with the IT team. Our software delivers the kind of experience today’s consumers expect, and because it helps optimize cash management, acts as a marketing tool and frees up bank staff for more complex transactions, it’s an ideal solution from the bank’s perspective, too.

We supported the Orrstown team throughout the implementation process, collaborating with the IT team to expand the transaction base, simplifying and enabling back-end processes, and increasing security. The result was a connected, advanced self-service environment that gives Orrstown Bank the flexibility to continue innovating into the future through a phased approach. It’s a perfect example of how software can be enabled and then gradually implemented. With experienced software engineering partners at Diebold Nixdorf working side-by-side with Orrstown Bank’s IT department, the collaborative process was seamless.

Take a look at the case study to learn more about the three-step, phased approach we defined together with the Orrstown team:

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