Getting FIT in 2016

FITbanking blog

Happy New Year!

This year, like every other year, is a year where money is top of mind. In fact, more than half of Americans are setting a money-related goal for 2016.

That’s why 2016 is the year Diebold is making a stronger push to help the financial industry get FIT.

Our FITbanking™ philosophy is our belief in creating Fully Integrated and Transformative (FIT)banking experiences. It’s imagining retail banking as more than just transactions, but as a healthy way to create the personal, individualized, customized FIT both consumer and financial institutions demand.

So how do we all get FIT in 2016?

Watch as Frank Natoli, Executive Vice President of Self-Service Technology, gives his explanation of the FITbanking philosophy:

As 2016 starts, let’s all resolve to create a more FIT experience for consumers, financial institutions and the industry.

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