Experts Discuss Results from New ATM Security Study

Experts Discuss Results from New ATM Security Study

In a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Diebold, we explored the challenges retail banks and credit unions face when managing the security of their ATM fleets. Forrester Consulting conducted a global survey of 220 business and IT decision-makers with responsibility for the security and management of ATMs at retail banks.

The study recommends financial institutions strongly consider partnering with a trusted vendor for ATM fleet management to improve security and mitigate future risks.

Forrester Study

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In an on-demand presentation, Diebold experts and featured speaker, Forrester principal analyst Alyson Clarke, summarize key findings, share interesting observations and recommend solutions to common ATM security challenges.

Watch as Clarke reveals what surprises her team uncovered from the survey and study:

By shifting to a single partner, you can streamline more than just ATM network management.

In a roundtable discussion, Diebold experts share their perspective on the Forrester study and offer insights on how financial institutions can better secure their ATM networks.

The Forrester team also built an infographic highlighting the major statistics gathered during this extensive study:

Infographic: Why Financial Institutions Should Consider Managed Services For Their ATM Fleet

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For more on the Forrester findings, read “Forrester Research on ATM Security: How Prepared Are You?” by David Kristof, VP, Global Services Portfolio and “The Power of Partnering: Consider Managed Services for Your ATM Fleet” by K. Mark Slemon, VP, Portfolio Solutions.

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