EMV: Where are You on the Road to Migration?

Last December, I spoke about the EMV liability shift. During that one hour webinar I asked a simple question: what is your roadmap to EMV adoption?

Now, you’re ready to hit the road to EMV migration and someone just handed you the keys.

Before you take the wheel, do you know where to go and how to get there?

You know the benefits of EMV, the security features and even about consumer acceptance. However, you also know that card-related fraud is a challenge all financial institutions face – no matter their size. And while EMV-based chip cards can combat fraud, criminals are moving counterfeit card activities to countries, like the United States, where EMV implementation is still a work in progress.

The road to migration can be bumpy and you may have many questions. In fact, during our second webinar, we had a record number of attendees – as well as a record number of questions from people responsible for EMV migration at their organizations. Most commonly, people had questions specific to their personal EMV migration journeys.

Watch a replay of the webinar to hear how I answer questions like:

  • Can hardware be installed before EMV software?
  • What are consumer challenges with dip card readers?
  • How familiar are consumers with EMV?

You don’t have to do this alone. Throughout your EMV implementation and migration, Diebold experts from Professional Services to Maintenance Services are ready to help you — from identifying a plan to the final update that enables EMV functionality on your ATM fleet.

You’re in the driver’s seat now and we’re ready to be your compass. We’ll help you navigate strategy, planning and implementation to ensure your migration runs smoothly and meets all criteria and deadlines.

Watch part one and part two of my webinar series on EMV to get answers to my most asked questions as well as tips, tricks and next steps to ensure you are on the right path as the upcoming liability shift quickly approaches.

Let’s have a conversation about EMV, connect with us.