Emerging Tech Trends in Banking and Retail

Emerging Tech Trends in Banking and Retail | Diebold Nixdorf Blog

The past few weeks have seen a flurry of exciting new innovations in the finance, payments and retail sectors. Existing and new players across these industry segments are taking positive steps to test new connected consumer experiences and the enabling technologies. In many cases we are seeing physical and digital experiences intertwined and in those cases, software is the thread stitching it all together.

These types of new projects are a great learning opportunity for the entire ecosystem and I’d encourage you to check out some of the work Diebold Nixdorf has recently showcased, including our Connected Shopper consumer journey. These are the types of solutions Diebold Nixdorf clients are leveraging to advance their journey into Connected Commerce.

Find out more about why I’m excited to be part of the digital innovations taking place right now, and why a holistic approach is going to become even more crucial to success:

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