Driving Efficiencies in Cash Management with Cash Recycling ATMs

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How often do you think about your organization’s cash-management costs? Globally, cash handling alone is a $300 billion[1] issue. As financial institutions look for new ways to drive efficiencies, more and more of them are discovering that there’s a strong business case for introducing cash recycling at the ATM.

Our White Paper, “The Global Case for Cash Recycling,” examines the benefits of this automation technology, with some revealing statistics and an illuminating case study.

For instance, did you know …

  • On non-recycling ATMs, cash management accounts for almost 50%[2] of operating costs.
  • Some financial institutions maintain as much as 40%[3] too much cash in their ATMs.
  • Globally, cash transactions account for around 85%[4] of all transactions conducted.
Download “The Global Case for Cash Recycling.”

cash recycling blog


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