Double Vision: How a Second Set of Eyes is Setting a Precedent on Service Calls

Librestream | Verizon blog

There’s a problem.

It’s the terminal. Some kind of error message has left you troubleshooting, asking around for help and even unplugging and plugging it back in as if it’s a modem. Yet, the issue is still unresolved.

So you call a technician. The tech looks over the issues, runs a few tests, examines a few areas and then pulls out his phone and launches an app.

The next thing you know, he’s streaming a live video feed with remote support — adding a second set of eyes to your terminal — as well as a faster and more accurate resolution to your issue.

Our team recently implemented across parts of our footprint, live, interactive video for our field technicians, through a collaboration with Verizon Enterprise Solutions and Librestream Technologies. The new capability enhances equipment maintenance and safety audits at customer sites.

By using the Librestream Onsight video collaboration platform over Verizon’s leading 4G LTE wireless network, field service teams are now equipped with video-enabled tools to help serve customers more efficiently and effectively in real time.

With the use of live video collaboration through Onsight, Diebold techs in the field can effectively work directly with Diebold accredited remote support, who could be in a neighboring town or across the country. This gives onsite service technicians an additional set of eyes from an expert to resolve maintenance issues and, ultimately, create higher availability of the ATM.

When one of our techs is at a customer site, the tech has the ability to not only perform equipment maintenance, but also conduct safety audits and record real-time video than can be used later as an educational tool. Downloaded on their company-issued smartphone, the tech can launch the Onsight app and communicate with remote experts as well as third-party vendors — which ensures accurate fixes for our multi-vendor customers.

In addition, both the remote expert and the tech can write on the smartphone’s touchscreen to clearly define instructions and identify possible solutions.

Essentially, the Librestream Onsight application is enhancing field service by eliminating any miscommunication or lost information from misinterpretation. By correctly identifying the solution in real time, there is less back and forth between those onsite and those helping remotely. Onsight replaces guesswork with problem solving and turns every service call into a learning experience that can then be shared with other technicians.

So far, we’ve rolled out this new technology to 400 field technicians across North America and it’s been embraced by these early adopters. We’ve found that it aids in building speed to competency for newer hires — significantly cutting the time it takes to “master” a repair.

What does this video collaboration mean for you? It means easier repairs, faster service calls and not only the safest pair of hands in the industry, but an additional set of trained eyes during a critical time for your business.

Initial rollout results have revealed improved first-time-fix rates, decreased service resolution times and reduced overall costs.

In a time where consumers live in a “now” environment and everything is at their disposal, it’s more important than ever for your terminals to be up, running and performing at their highest efficiency. With this new solution to equipment maintenance, we’re making break/fix repairs more seamless than ever before.

Bold Statement: Diebold’s new video collaboration initiative allows a field tech at a customer site to communicate via smartphone app with a remote expert to improve first-time-fix rates, decrease service resolution times and reduce overall costs for financial institutions.

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