Diebold’s Transformation: A View from the Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Desk

As the company enters its “Walk” phase, find out how employees around the globe are making a difference in their communities.

If you’ve seen Diebold in the news lately, you may have heard our top executives describe the company’s internal “Crawl, Walk, Run” transformation strategy. That initiative truly touches every aspect of our company culture. As Diebold’s manager of global sustainability and social responsibility, I’ve had the opportunity to witness the ways that strategy has helped evolve the environmental and social work we’re doing in our offices around the globe.

Since the strategy was implemented in 2014, Diebold has established an executive-level Corporate Responsibility Advisory Council. Thirteen senior leaders within the organization meet twice a year to discuss corporate conscience programs aligned around sustainability and social responsibility. The council has helped define the direction and focus of Diebold’s program, and integrate the important new function into every department and team.

We’ve also more than doubled our corporate responsibility steward team, and appointed stewards for each of our global regions, as well as 21 individual country stewards. These individuals are dedicated to driving sustainability in their respective areas. The work they do is vital to the success of our global program. Our stewards have coordinated blood drives and cricket games, hosted community gardens and color dashes, and worked to educate and excite Diebold employees about supporting their communities and the environment.

Earlier this year, Diebold hosted its first Global Earth & Community Week. Regional teams around the globe planned daily activities to celebrate the event.

  • In China and Indonesia, the office lights were turned off during lunch when many employees are away from the building.
  • The United Kingdom team boosted employee morale by hosting a friendly tennis competition.
  • In Mexico, Diebold employees donated toys to an orphanage in Mexico City and spent time playing with the children living there.
  • At Diebold’s global headquarters in North Canton, Ohio, we hosted a Goodwill truck for the full week and collected gently used clothing, toys, and furniture for reuse and electronics for recycling. Diebold headquarters even opened its doors to the younger Diebold family in the first Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.

These initiatives celebrate the work we’re doing at an individual level to foster corporate conscience within the organization. As we look to the second half of 2015, and the “Walk” phase of our company-wide transformation, we’re excited about what’s to come. From planting trees in Mexico to sustainability-themed employee lunch-and-learn sessions, corporate responsibility is embedded in Diebold’s employee culture and spirit. As a global organization, we recognize that the work we do touches many lives, in many different ways. So, as we transform into a services-led, software-enabled company, we look forward to sharing more updates on the ways that we’re simultaneously strengthening our commitment to global corporate responsibility.

Find out more about our initiatives on our Corporate Responsibility page.