Software Industry Education Webinar Series Replay

Let’s face it, software can make or break a consumer experience.

Show of hands, how many of you have ever had a glitch completely ruin your day?

Today’s consumers are tech-savvy and mobile-first; they expect tailored and customized user experiences. And consumers are willing to be an ambassador for your brand or detail every painstaking detail surrounding a poor experience on social media.

That’s why, in this Age of the Customer, software needs to be at the heart of your business.

Software, after all, is the way a financial institution can connect physical and digital touchpoints to orchestrate an omnichannel banking experience.

And that is exactly my focus in our latest webinar. In it, I share:

  • What our team is seeing around the industry and hearing from consumers using our software.
  • How technology integration is only half the battle.
  • Why Diebold’s software portfolio is so different from our competitors.

Set aside some time and watch the full presentation. When you’re done, let’s talk more about your organization’s software roadmap. I’m sure we have the right solutions to help you reach your objectives. Connect with us virtually.