Then and Now: Past Successes Fuel Future Insights

Diebold Overview: Now and Then

We are a company rooted in transformation.

Since 1859, we have continuously transformed our business to offer the best solutions to financial institutions’ most critical objectives. While much has changed since our founding, there is one constant: We are committed to connecting people to their money in convenient and new ways.

Vintage Diebold Logo

Then: A Diebold logo circa late 1900s.

Nearly 52 years ago next month, we first began to trade our shares on the New York Stock Exchange. In honor of that milestone, we’re sharing a glimpse of our rich history and constant evolution.

Diebold Corporate Logo

Now: The Diebold logo as it is seen today.

If it wasn’t for our forward-thinking back then, we wouldn’t have the insights to become the innovators we are now.

  • Then: In the 1930s, we created a robbery-deterrent system for banks to stop infamous bank robber John Dillinger.
  • Now: In 2015, XPRESSION™ SafeLoad enables card onboarding at the ATM for a layer of fraud protection not found elsewhere.
  • Then: In the 1940s, we introduced the first type of mobile banking – drive-up banking.
  • Now: In 2015, we introduced our Irving concept, a mobile-first solution that completes a cash withdrawal in less than 10 seconds.
  • Then: In the 1960s, Diebold began offering pneumatic tube delivery systems as a new way to service consumers more efficiently.
  • Now: Since mid-2015, we began to equip some field service technicians with video-enabled tools to help serve customers more efficiently and effectively.
  • Then: In the 1970s, we debuted our very first Automatic Banking System – the TABS 500.
  • Now: In 2015, we unveiled our Janus concept, a two-sided self-service terminal that doesn’t require a card reader.
  • Then: In the late 1990s, we created the first iris-recognition ATM in the United States.
  • Now: We’re collaborating with top innovators to usher in the biometrics boom.

Today, we are a services-led, software-enabled company on a mission to deliver innovative solutions and services that make businesses better and consumer experiences more engaging. We do this through a powerful combination of customer knowledge, inspired thinking and attentive employees. We have the right people, with the right knowledge in the right places ready to help our customers reinvent their business, drive efficiencies and grow revenue.

Diebold Overview Numbers

It’s an exciting time for the financial industry. We’re watching the collision of physical and digital touchpoints and the evolution of an always-on, convenience-driven consumer. Now more than ever, our innovations and industry firsts meet the demands of this dynamic market.

Diebold Industry Firsts

Customers all over the world rely on Diebold to transform, manage and protect their self-service operations. We offer the industry’s most comprehensive, end-to-end portfolio — spanning services, software, security and hardware.

Diebold end-to-end process

We can offer you the most comprehensive approach to solving your unique challenges. Let’s work together to help drive your business forward. Connect with us virtually to start the conversation.