Consumer Preferences: Challenge or Opportunity?

5 retail banking consumer myths blog

As I outlined recently in Banking Automation Bulletin, our physical and digital worlds are converging faster than ever. We’re witnessing the global rise of tech-native consumers who can – and do – set a very high bar for brand experiences. With access to so much information whenever and wherever they want, they’re making decisions and interacting with their banks in entirely new ways.

Because of this fundamental change, transactional banking and relationship banking cannot be viewed as two separate experiences any more. Transactional interactions don’t supersede relationships between banks and their consumers. Rather, they create and nurture them. In this environment, it’s critically important to orchestrate channels and interactions in a way that FITs consumers’ lives. We can’t wait around for them to FIT into ours.

That idea lies at the heart of Diebold’s FITbanking™ philosophy, a consumer-driven approach to systems integration and branch transformation. If we examine some of the most commonly stated industry challenges through the FITbanking lens, it’s apparent that these so-called challenges are actually myths – and they present not just opportunities, but ready-made advantages for retail banks.

Discover the truth behind some of the financial industry’s biggest misconceptions in our latest infographic:

5 retail banking consumer myths infographic

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