Connect… or Perish

Connect or Perish | Diebold Nixdorf Blog

How connected are you? Do you have full visibility and deep connections to your consumers, employees, channels and industry trends?

The ability to connect – appropriately, deeply and consistently – will hallmark this era of commerce. It was once enough to get your product or service into the hands of consumers.

Not anymore.

Today, every channel, every device, every individual in your value chain must work in harmony, feeding information through an omnichannel network that enables the seamless, intuitive experiences consumers expect.

Consumers tap into different channels in different ways around the globe, but there are four key themes emerging that we believe are paramount to strategic success for our clients.

Watch as our CEO outlines these four strategic connected commerce initiatives:

We built our approach to connected commerce on three key pillars that drive every innovation we pursue:

  • Consumer convenience: Our solutions solve real pain points and address global challenges. We believe in building hardware, software and services that answer a need.
  • An “always on” mentality: We’re living in a 24/7 world. Continuous availability is critical to success for our clients, and it’s the reason we’ve built a world-leading infrastructure of service specialists and innovative remote servicing capabilities.
  • Assured security: Protecting our customers, and their consumers, is paramount. True protection can only be accomplished through a layered approach combined with vigilant experts working around the globe and around the clock to stay one step ahead of hackers and criminals. We’ve built our legacy on our ability to provide the best security resources for our clients.

Our highly interconnected, rapidly changing world requires innovative approaches to bridging the physical and digital worlds of commerce. As Diebold Nixdorf, we are 25,000 individuals who are committed to helping your organization engage and connect with consumers more seamlessly and deeply than ever before. We’re transforming in an industry that’s transforming. Let’s work together to solve your organization’s unique problems and prepare for the future. Start the conversation today.