Collaboration Innovation Part 4: Insights from Microsoft, Intel and TD Bank

As CEO Andy Mattes shared recently, Diebold is committed to Collaborative Innovation — partnering with leaders in their respective industries to solve business challenges together.

The fourth in our Collaborative Innovation series, this final post includes insight from Microsoft, Intel and TD Bank representatives on how Collaborative Innovation with Diebold created new value propositions, customer experiences and lasting strategic relationships.

Karen Cone, General Manager, Microsoft Worldwide Financial Services

Recently, Diebold and Microsoft collaborated on Diebold’s Responsive Banking Concept. Despite Diebold’s headquarters in Ohio and Microsoft’s headquarters on the West Coast in Washington, collaboration between the two companies wasn’t hindered by thousands of miles of separation thanks to new technology.

Joe Jensen, General Manager, Intel Retail Solutions Division

By infusing new technology and research – Diebold and Intel collaborated to make seamless interactions that go beyond the traditional ways of banking to create experiences that exceed consumer expectations.

Jim Grimmer, Head of North American ATM Channel, TD Bank

Having a forward-thinking strategy helps evolve the always-changing consumer experience. Working together to find a common goal isn’t uncommon, but to then execute the thoughts into actions is what creates new innovations for consumers or new solutions for various channels.

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