A Peek at the Future of ATM Banking

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This post is guest authored by Anthony Antolino, Chief Marketing Officer for EyeLock .

As today’s industry-leading provider of iris-based identity authentication solutions, EyeLock, is thrilled to announce a joint development initiative between EyeLock, Diebold and Citibank to take ATM banking to the next level of consumer security and convenience.

With the integration of iris-authentication technology at ATMs in designated locations, consumers will no longer need to use a card and remember or enter passwords to access their accounts. They simply look toward the screens of the ATMs as they normally would and, in seconds, they will be positively identified by the more than 240 unique characteristics that comprise the iris. In terms of ensuring identity certainty, only DNA-matching is more accurate.

An example of this innovative new ATM solution was on display at our booth  during last week’s Consumer Electronics Show  in Las Vegas.

This venture perfectly aligns with EyeLock’s unfolding Internet of Things (IoT) global development strategy and brings iris identity authentication technology to vertical markets in need of more reliable security and ID protection solutions. The program unites EyeLock with Diebold and Citibank to provide long term benefits for consumers.

By collaborating with such highly respected companies as Diebold and Citibank, and leveraging their extensive experience, resources and customer bases, we have set the stage for a formidable and successful technology introduction — one that will not only greatly benefit each participating partner, but will make ATM banking easier and more secure than ever.

We believe the introduction of iris-based identity authentication will be welcomed by today’s demanding, digitally savvy and security-conscious consumers as a transformative milestone in personal banking that years from today will be considered a watershed moment that forever changed the ATM user experience.

EyeLock could not be more pleased to be in partnership with Diebold and Citibank. We look forward to a long and successful alliance as we rollout the new model for ATM banking.

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Anthony Antolino, Chief Marketing Officer for EyeLock
ANTHONY ANTOLINO / Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer, EyeLock LLC

Anthony Antolino is an acknowledged innovative marketer with over 20 years of diverse strategy, marketing and digital technology innovation expertise. Prior to joining EyeLock, he was Senior Vice President at DMC Worldwide where he was instrumental in successfully developing multiple new high value businesses and revenue vehicles. He conceived the highly acclaimed Copia social media and content delivery platform which Gartner named 1 of 3 most transformative in 2010, and was recognized as one of 40 under 40 in Consumer Electronics for 2010.  Antolino has been quoted in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Mashable, Popular Science, Forbes and USA Today among others, and has been a featured speaker at O’Reilly Tools of Change and Connected World.