2015 in Review: Highlighting the Year’s Best Stories

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2015 was a year filled with big changes in the industry — ranging from consumer experiences to product features, biometrics to multi-vendor solutions and branch transformation advice to black hat hacking tactics. More Diebold subject matter experts (SMEs) than ever before wrote about topics they were passionate about and knew would be of value to the market.

As the industry continues to bridge the physical and digital worlds of currency, we wanted to take a moment to highlight the posts that generated the most buzz throughout the year.

Please read, share and learn from the top Diebold blogs of 2015.

10.  Meet Irving and Janus by Diebold

9.  How International User Experience Studies Informed the Diebold Series Terminals by Chris Rowe

8.  Branch Transformation: Four Ways to Turn Pain Points into Touchpoints by Raja Bose

7.  Now Onboarding: Your ATM by Devon Watson

6.  Branch Automation & Human Experience: Two Sides of the Same Coin by Raja Bose

5.  Changing Risk, Risking Change: Security at the ATM by B. Scott Harroff

4.  Mind the Gap: The Challenges of Managing a Multi-Vendor ATM Fleet by Tim Witt

3.  The Five People You Won’t Meet in Tomorrow’s Bank by Diebold

2.  Changing Risk, Risking Change: Skimming by Marcelo Castro

1.  Native Tongue: How Financial Institutions Can Speak the Language of Millennials by Devon Watson

For a complete list of all blogs, visit blog.diebold.com.  In 2016, we will continue to provide our insights as well as share articles, like this article from ATMMarketplace on ATM skimming, to help all of us shape the future of the industry.

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